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3 Ways to combine your mailings & save

3 Ways to combine your mailings & save

Iain Schofield • 18 April 2019

Are you trying to send a cost effective mailing? When you’re addressing diverse recipients, keeping your content general and engaging can be a difficult balancing act.

Imagine you’re an insurance provider sending a letter to welcome new customers.

One group took out life insurance

Another group took out home insurance

Creating a single mailing that addresses both groups could be tricky. Including relevant images, text and personalised greetings might mean having to create and pay for multiple campaigns.

Hello Market allows you to send multiple versions of your mailing as a single campaign - all powered by your data insights.

Meaning you get -

  • Volume discount on larger orders
  • A single mailing to send and track
  • More effective and engaging communications

Text Drop-Ins

Adding personalised messages is an effective way to engage your recipients and make an immediate connection. Text drop-ins can be used to add a recipient’s name, location or reference a recent purchase. These small additions help cater a mailing to each recipient and drive engagement. adding personalised names increases engagement

Text Switching

When mailing customers about different topics, dropping in the odd word might not be enough. Instead, you might need to swap out entire sections of your text to make it relevant for each recipient.

In our insurance example, our letter may include a section summarising the policy that’s been taken out. By including a text switch, we can send both groups specific information about their exact insurance product.

Dynamic Images

Dynamic images help engage specific audiences by providing relevant visual cues.

With our insurance example, we may include a nice homely image for our home insurance group and a more relaxed personal image for the life insurance group.

You could go even further, swapping images based on gender, products purchased or even breed of dog owned – depending on the data insights you have, you can trigger dynamic images based on a huge range of criteria to help forge a connection with each recipient.

If you need help adding any of the above options,
we’re here to help.

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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