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How SMEs Can Now Afford The Best Marketing Campaigns

How SMEs Can Now Afford The Best Marketing Campaigns

Richard Knaggs • 22 March 2016

If you keep up to date with marketing issues you will have noticed the number of articles, blogs, tweets, and posts telling you about the resurgence of direct mail. There is no need for me to repeat in detail what these articles are saying - put simply direct mail engages people far better than other marketing channels resulting in a better ROI.

OK that's great - but how do SMEs go about creating a quality direct mail campaign to drive their business forward?

One option may be to do it in house using whatever software you are familiar with (e.g. Word) to design your mailing, print it on A4 paper using your desktop printers, manually fold and enclose it, then frank it or stick stamps on each mail piece. Does this give you the professional results you are looking for? Unlikely. Is this time consuming? Absolutely. Is the postage expensive? Yes.

So what are your other options? Until recently your only other option was to use a marketing agency and/or a mailing house. One of the main issues with going down this route though is economies of scale. If you are only wanting to mail a few hundred records or less the costs involved make this unaffordable.

Direct mail campaigns for SMEs
  • For smaller jobs you will often be charged a setup fee or a minimum order fee.
  • The costs for designing your creative will be the same whether you mail out 1 pack or 1 million packs.
  • If you don't already own the images you would like to use in your creative you will have to pay for any stock images used.
  • Do you need to purchase a list of people to mail?
  • There is usually a charge to send you a copy of the proofs for you to approve the job.

Put simply a quality direct mail campaign has usually been out of reach for many SMEs. Hello Market can solve this problem, allowing smaller businesses (or for that matter any business which wants to do a mailing) to produce a professional and cost-effective direct mail campaign.

Dynamic Direct mail with no extra costs

We don't charge you a setup fee, we don't have a minimum order fee, use of our library of 5 million stock images is included in the price, you can select people to mail from our database of 40m consumers at no extra cost, and you can proof and approve your mailing online. We also get discounted postal rates saving you even more money!

Is there anything else Hello Market can offer you? How about this - we can post your mailings tomorrow if it is 200 records or less! If the volume is higher than that then we only need three working days. Using traditional routes designing, approving and producing a mailing can take weeks!

Dynamic Direct Mail online

Click the button below to start creating your direct mail campaign and to start enjoying the benefits previously only available to larger businesses and for larger mailings:

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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