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Company Christmas Cards Made Easy

Company Christmas Cards Made Easy

Richard Knaggs • 06 November 2015

It's that time of year again, Christmas is nearly upon us - Ho Ho Ho! Or maybe you are thinking No No No? Either way it is time to start organising your company Christmas cards.

Every customer appreciates receiving a Christmas card in the post, especially a personalised one as it makes them feel valued and helps make the office look festive. Organising your company Christmas cards though can often be a task you could do without as creating top quality Christmas cards can be time consuming and expensive. Hello Market solves both of these problems.

Christmas Card

Hello Market allows you to quickly and easily create personalised Christmas cards online. Your top quality cards are then mailed to your recipients on the date of your choosing. Job done!

With five card formats to choose from - all printed on quality 330gsm stock - you can be sure to make a great impression with your customers. You can easily create personalised bespoke cards by uploading your own images (or using our image library), by adding your copy, and by using the Hello Market tools to insert personalised text. If you are supporting a particular charity you can easily upload their logo to your card too.

Our library of five million images contains a huge range of Christmas related images and so whichever format and template you choose you will be able to find the perfect festive image for your card.

Christmas Card with Baubels

Do your staff waste their valuable time by having to individually sign hundreds of customer Christmas cards? With Hello Market all you need to do is get all your staff to sign one piece of paper, photograph or scan that sheet, and upload it into Hello Market. You can then add this image to all of your cards!

How much time and money have you previously spent on company Christmas cards? Too much? Hello Market takes far less time, gives you a much better product, and provides great value for money. Not only that but cards are UNIQUE! They are totally bespoke by YOU for YOUR valued customers.

Company Christmas cards are a perfect way to say "thank you" to your customers and to remind them that you value their business. Hello Market has now made this a much easier task than previously possible.

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