Data Cleaning

Hello Market will automatically check the "health" of mailing lists being used in your campaign which have not been set as "Personal Data" and show you a breakdown. You can then select which data cleaning options you would like to use.

  •  Any records that are missing important contact details such as name and/or address will be highlighted as Missing Details.
  •  Records identified as MPS matches are people who have signed up to the Mailing Preference Service. If your data is considered cold data then you should run it against the MPS.
  •  People who have registered as goneaway with a licenced stopfile provider, or who have an address indicating that they have left that address will be highlighted as Goneaways.
  •  Duplicates are records that match other records at the same address.
  •  Hello Market checks your data against licenced deceased stop files and can remove deceased individuals from your data.

Each record Hello Market identifies and removes will save you the cost of producing and mailing an item that would otherwise not be received by the intended recipient, minus a 20p data cleaning fee per record removed.

Data Cleaning matches on Hello Market are temporary matches, which means if you decide to use the same data for another campaign you must run the cleaning again to remove unclean records.