Brochures & Leaflets

A flexible way to share your message

Whether you’re keeping it brief or going into detail, our huge range of brochure and leaflet formats make it easier than ever to share your message with your audience. With Hello Market, you can create, print and send personalised leaflets online.

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  •  Full colour digital brochure printing
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6 Page Roll Fold Leaflet

When you’re trying to communicate detailed information it can be difficult to keep it engaging. The 6-page leaflet design, with its roll fold layout, naturally breaks-up unwieldy information into manageable sections - great for menus, events, promotions or mailshots.

We offer 6-page leaflet printing on 200gsm silk coated paper stock for a quality look and durable feel. Tab-sealed for simple secure mailing.

Large Invitation Mailer

If you’re trying to make an impact, scale things up with the large invitation mailer. Offering an expansive center-fold, the invitation mailer is ideal for adding eye-catching imagery to your mailing.

Showcase your product, offer, or service with an enticing invitation your customers can’t refuse.

Each invitation mailer is printed on 200gsm silk coated paper stock and tab-sealed for simple secure mailing.

Eight Page Brochure

For a professional format, look no further than the stitched 8-page brochure. Providing plenty of space to introduce your business, product, or service, the 8-page brochure can help you make the perfect first impression.

Each brochure is printed on 200gsm silk-coated paper stock for a light gloss finish and high-quality feel. Tab-sealed for simple, cost-effective mailing.

Square Booklet

Our 6-page square booklet opens out to provide a panoramic feel to your mailing.

The gate-fold booklet design breaks up information into concise, easy-to-read, sections, which is an ideal way to introduce a range of products or services or impart detailed information in a sequential manner.

We offer square booklet printing on 200gsm silk coated paper stock and tab-seal for simple secure shipping.

4 Page Brochure

The 4-page brochure is a concise classic. Available in either tent or side fold, the pages are expansive and offer plenty of room to include all the information you need.

We offer 4-page brochure printing on 300gsm silk coated card stock to provide a high quality finish that can be felt as well as seen. Each leaflet is tab sealed for simple, secure shipping.

Voucher Leaflet

An adaptation of the 4-page brochure, the voucher mailer provides an additional flap on the interior.

If you have an offer, loyalty card, or voucher you want to send to your customers, the voucher leaflet is ideal.

Printed on durable 300gsm silk coated card stock, ensuring the detached section can endure the rigours of the wallet, pocket or purse. Tab-sealed for simple secure shipping.

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