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Creating the Perfect Newsletter

Creating the Perfect Newsletter

Iain Schofield • 13 September 2019

Recently, we teamed up with Yorkshire Cat Rescue to re-vamp their quarterly newsletter. Here are some key points we took away.

Finding a format

The perfect format for your newsletter will depend on the type and quantity of content you’re looking to include. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to have too little space than too much. When space is at a premium, content is whittled down to the absolute gems.

How we did it

With the Yorkshire Cat Rescue newsletter, we halved the size (from A4 to A5) but doubled the page count (from 4 to 8), providing a sleeker format with a more substantial feel.

the two newsletters side by side

Be clever with colour

Longform black on white content, while functional, can look a little lacklustre. Inject personality and break up content with additional colours from your company/organisation palette.

How we did it

With the YCR newsletter, chief designer Georgina borrowed the blues and oranges from the charity’s logo and added them to the edge of each page, helping to break-up content.

clever use of colour.

A picture paints a thousand words

Like splashes of colour, images are a great way to add variety to longform newsletter content. Find the right balance between images and text and be sure to check the resolution of any images you select.

How we did it

For the YCR newsletter, the challenge was narrowing down their exhaustive library of cute cat pictures into a manageable selection.

Adorable kitten

Balance old and new content

While newsletters are all about sharing the latest news and stories, be sure to balance this fresh content with some staple features.

How we did it

For YCR, this meant retaining key information from one issue to the next. Requests for donations, information on fundraising and charity shop locations are just some of the details that are consistently included. As well as ensuring key information is always available, these sections serve to give each newsletter a familiar, serialised appearance.

Don’t be afraid to get personal

Using your mailing list data to include personalised content is as great way to increase newsletter engagement.

personalised salutations

How we did it

We used YCR’s subscriber data to treat supporters to personalised salutations and messages at key intervals within the newsletter.

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