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Creating The Perfect Event Mailer

Creating The Perfect Event Mailer

Iain Schofield • 08 August 2019

Events are a great way to raise awareness or get a quick influx of visitors, real or virtual, to your business. Whether it’s a grand opening, relocation, big sale or brand new product line, turning your big news into an event can be a masterstroke.

Once you’ve decided on an event, the next step is getting people to sit up and take notice. Sending a direct mail event invitation is an effective way to spread the word. We’ve got some top tips to create the perfect attention-grabbing event invitation.

Choosing The Right Format

Whether your event is large or small, simple or complex; choose a format that works best for you. Feel free to think outside the box. While postcards and flyers are a solid choice, poster formats are a great way to make a lasting impression for events such as charity fun runs and fundraisers.

VIP – The ‘P’ Stands For Personalised

To take your event invite from standard to VIP, be sure to include some personalised elements. Custom salutations and offers add a sense of value, helping to forge a connection with recipients.

Essential Info Only

If your event is straightforward, you might be able to include all details succinctly. For more complex events, keep details on the invite brief. Cover the highlights, include the essentials and provide a link for further information. QR codes are an effective way to send recipients directly to relevant webpages.

Up The Ante

Event invites are the perfect time to mention any special offers, discounts or giveaways up for grabs. If you’re running a prize draw, offering huge discounts or even just providing refreshments, include details on your invite to sway any on-the-fence recipients.

Don't Forget The Details

Be sure to include address and contact information for your event, even if it’s being hosted online. By making it easier for people with queries to get in touch, you can help maximise turnout.

Include Images

As most event mailers are sent without an outer envelope, they offer an ideal platform to showcase some eye-catching imagery. The lack of a conventional outer envelope means artwork is immediately on full display, providing the perfect opportunity to deliver maximum visual impact and grab the attention of your recipients.

Consider how you're business or organisation could benefit from an event. Just be sure to create an effective invitation mailer to enure your event is a success.

Create Your Event Mailer

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