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Crash Course - Posters

Crash Course - Posters

Iain Schofield • 29 July 2019

Common misconception

"Posters are only for pinups and rock stars"

The truth

Posters are a versatile and highly impactful format suitable for a wide range of applications. The bigger the format, the bigger the impression.

Key benefits

  • Space galore – The poster format has space in spades, perfect if you have a lot of content to include. What’s more, posters provide all this space in a cost-effective one-piece format, securely tab-sealed and posted without the need for a conventional outer envelope.
  • From the doorstep to the wall – If your poster is attractive poster or a useful resource, recipients are more likely to retain and display your message, increasing the longevity and prominence of your marketing material.


Given the space available, posters make an excellent platform for detailed information such as calendars and wall charts. Or, if you’re after visual impact, well-designed event promotions are an easy way to get your message seen by a wider audience.

Top tip

Think about the fold. When creating a design for the poster format, be aware of the folds and avoid putting smaller details in these areas. Don’t allow significant information to be lost in the crease.

Did you know?

You can create custom calendars with your own key dates and events pre-filled; great for charities with a packed schedule of fundraisers, fun runs and open days.

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