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Crash Course - Letters

Crash Course - Letters

Iain Schofield • 26 July 2019

Common misconception

"Letters are old fashioned"

The truth

Letters carry authority, marketing or sales letters remain a great way to make a more formal introduction.

Key benefits

  • Details, details – Letters are a great way to include text-heavy content in a clear, easily digestible format that is familiar and instantly recognisable.
  • Appearances – When a sealed letter lands on your desk, it almost demands to be opened. Exploit this authority and gain valuable time with your customers.


Given their formal reputation, letters are great for official communications such as welcome letters, company updates or formal introductions. Thanks to a sealed outer envelope, letters also provide a secure way to communicate sensitive information such as financial or transactional documents.

Top tip

Mix it up - Just because letters are traditionally text-heavy doesn’t mean images are forbidden. Break up your content or demonstrate your point with relevant imagery.

Did you know?

You can automatically personalise salutations using your mailing list. You can drop in forenames, surnames or job titles (depending on the data held), to make each letter unique to the recipient. Personalised salutations are a simple way to increase engagement and add value to your mailing.

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