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Crash Course - Postcards

Crash Course - Postcards

Iain Schofield • 18 July 2019

Common misconception

"Postcards are just for holidays"

The truth

Postcards are perfect for creating simple and effective marketing campaigns.

Key benefits

  • Loud and proud - Postcards are printed on thick stock to help them withstand the rigours of the postal system without a conventional outer envelope. As a result, this means a) a high quality feel and b) a chance to showcase truly eye-catching imagery.
  • Cost-effective - With their size and lack of outer envelope, it’s no surprise that postcards remain one of the most cost-effective direct mail marketing options.


Given these key benefits, postcards are an incredibly versatile format. Postcards are best when you’re trying to make a big impression with a wide audience, so anything from offers, grand openings and new products are postcard perfect promotions.

Top Tip

Keep it tight – With space at a premium, keep your message clear and concise. Take advantage of the exposed cover with some arresting imagery, save any text-heavy content for the reverse. For extra room, choose the large postcard for a larger than A5 format.

Did you know?

You can change up cover images within the same campaign to make your postcard mailing even more cost-effective. If you have several key demographics in your mailing list, you can easily cater cover imagery to suit these recipients. This can be as simple as swapping images based on gender or as in-depth as your data insights allow.

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