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Top Tips For Your Dealership Campaign

Top Tips For Your Dealership Campaign

Iain Schofield • 21 June 2019

You may have heard the grim news that new car sales are in something of a slump. But what can dealerships do to get people through the door and start bucking this trend? We’ve got some top tips to help you introduce direct mail into your marketing mix and run a successful promotion.

Why Direct Mail?

  • Time - Today, the letterbox is far less crowded than the inbox. As result, direct mail offers precious seconds with your audience.
  • Personalisation – Use data insights to easily cater headlines, salutations and offers to each recipient.
  • Exclusivity – Physical VIP invites create a sense of exclusivity email simply can’t match.
  • Imagery – Mail provides a great platform for compelling imagery. Whether it’s your range, your showroom or your staff, including eye-catching imagery helps you stand out.
  • Flexibility – Whether you want to create a snappy invite or a detailed brochure, mail offers a range of formats to suit your message.
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Integrating your campaign

Mail sends people online*. Ensure your site, social accounts and email communications are consistent with your mailing, with similar imagery and wording.

92% of people were driven online as a result of receiving mail

Getting real world ready

So that’s online, what about the real world? If your mailing has the desired effect, you’ll need to be prepared. Make sure your showroom is ready for extra footfall with the staff, setup and promotional materials necessary to make the event a success.

Following Up

Don’t stop there. Regular mailings will help establish your presence and drive greater sales year round. Consider regular targeted mailings or special seasonal offers to take advantage of buying trends and maintain a consistent presence.

Creating regular, targeted mailings is a great way to generate more leads and ultimately sales. In a world that’s gone digital, direct mail offers a unique opportunity to gain time with your audience.

For help creating your first campaign, contact us today.


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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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