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5 Things to Include in Your University Offer Mailing

5 Things to Include in Your University Offer Mailing

Iain Schofield • 17 June 2019

It’s that time of year when Universities start issuing offers to successful applicants. It’s at this point, the balance of power shifts and the students are in control. They’ve made their application, received their offers and now have the opportunity to choose where they’d like to study. So, it’s time for the Universities to up their game and really sell their course, location and facilities. For guaranteed impact, generic emails are out and personalised mail is in.

But what should you include to really help make your case?

  • Eye-catching imagery – Direct mail gives you a great platform to showcase eye-catching imagery. Whether it’s a panoramic shot of nearby iconic locations, bright & modern facilities or an inviting communal space on campus – find your best angles and put them front and center.
  • Clear & positive headline – If you’ve made an offer, shout about it! Use the headline to re-inforce this positive message and don’t forget to include personalisation; names in headlines are infinitely more engaging than generic salutations.
  • Contact information – Including some relevant contact information is a great way to encourage dialogue. Including this information helps to re-assure your prospective students that, should any questions arise, answers are just a call, email or chat away.
  • Instructions – At this stage, there is no harm in gently reiterating the next steps and any relevant deadlines that the recipient should be aware of. Some carefully worded instructions provide a call to action with deadlines adding some impetus.
  • Testimonials – A few choice remarks from a current student or alumni is a great way to engage the recipient on their level and sell what really matters to them. Current students or alumni are better placed to comment openly and honestly about the location, staff, nightlife or facilities.

With big deadlines looming, now is a great time to create a personalised mailing and truly sell your University.

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