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Terrific fonts now on Hello Market for outstanding direct mail

Terrific fonts now on Hello Market for outstanding direct mail

Linda Furniss • 22 January 2018

When producing documents for print and direct mail it's imperative that an appropriate typeface or font is used and that this matches or complements accompanying artwork that will be used.

More importantly it is essential that the text is easily readable, either by a human being or an automatic sorting machine.

Hello Market has an extensive library of fonts that can be used on a large variety of different print jobs and applications.

But, like shoes, you can never have too many fonts, so we’ve recently added some exciting fonts which will make your mailings look fresh and exciting. Fonts are divided into ‘serif’ ‘sans serif’ or ‘script’ classifications.

Serif means there is a small decorative line added as an embellishment to the basic form of the character; sans serif fonts do not have the decorative line.

Script fonts are typefaces with a personal touch, like calligraphy and handwriting fonts. They are perfect for invitations, greeting cards, headlines or very short, expressive texts. They range from classic, flowing scripts for elegant designs to light-hearted types with rounded forms.

But it’s hard sometimes to decide on the style of font to be used for your mailing – so here’s a guide to the ones we’ve just added:


Volkorn. A font with chunky serifs for good readability even at small sizes. "Vollkorn" (pronounced "Follkorn") is German for "wholemeal" which refers to the old term "Brotschrift". It stood for the small fonts for everyday use in hand setting times.

Playfair Display and Playfair Display SC –for letter forms of high contrast and delicate hairlines reminiscent of the pointed steel pens used in the late 18th century.

Sans Serif

Julius Sans One A fantastic font that takes undeniable inspiration from the ancient Roman style, featuring thin, stylish lines.

It comes from the Chilean type foundry LatinoType.

Quicksand is influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s, the fonts are based on geometric forms that have been optically corrected for better legibility.

Open Sans is a clean and modern sans serif typeface. It is especially designed for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces. Open Sans is excellent for any type of use. It's incredibly readable in small sizes and also works great when printed in huge letters.


Shrikhand is actually the name of a creamy Indian sweet dish from where the font borrows its soft bulging curves and smooth texture. A vibrant and playful typeface that was inspired by the colourful, fun and inventive hand-painted street lettering that can be found all over the state of Gujarat. High contrast stroke junctions and tight spacing means Shrikhand’s fully potential is applied best in big colourful and flamboyant settings. Shrikhand can add oomph to any design across multiple platforms.

Dancing Script is a lively casual script where the letters bounce and change size slightly. Caps are big, and go below the baseline for a friendly, informal, spontaneous look.

Satisfy looking for a brush script with a little pizazz? This new Neapolitan typeface will fill the bill!

Satisfy gives you the look of a timeless classic with a unique modern flair.

Lobster a lovely Bold Condensed Script fully loaded with hundreds of ligatures and alternates.

Poiret One is a fresh decorative geometric grotesque with a hint of Art Deco. A unique typeface with light forms and pure elegance. Sleek and simple.

Based on geometric forms, it has stylish lines and graceful curves. The font is applicable for large signs, labels, titles, headlines and any type of graphic design on the web, in motion graphics, or in print – from t-shirts to posters and logos. It is also well-suited for short texts and advertising where style is desired.

PERMANENT MARKER - Very bold and casual, in the grunge style. This font will mark you out!


Have fun trying out the different styles of our new fonts – they’re what makes online marketing exciting!

For more information on fonts, check out this excellent article from DMP's direct mail hub about the history of Univers, also learn about how font pairing can improve your mailing designs.

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