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New Features To Help You With Your Direct Mail Campaigns

New Features To Help You With Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Richard Knaggs • 07 March 2017

We are constantly improving Hello Market to make it even easier for you to create compelling direct mail campaigns which will strike a chord with your customers and potential customers. Recently we have added a few new features with exactly that in mind.

High Quality Image Editing

First on the list of improvements is the ability to edit your creative in high-res. You now have the option to change the Editor Display Mode to High Quality rather than Standard Quality.
Editor Display Mode
While this may mean that the images in your creative take a little bit longer to load the advantage is that your user images will be displayed in high resolution enabling you to see a more accurate version of your creative. Please note that this only applies to images you have uploaded, images from Hello Market's image library will always be displayed at standard resolution. Also please note that this display quality only relates to what you see on the screen while you are editing your campaign - the final printed product is always produced at the highest possible quality.

PDF Proof Download

Whilst you can still preview your creative online using our 3D previewing tool we have now added the ability for you to download a PDF Proof of your campaign. You can find this new feature on the Campaign Summary screen.
PDF Download
This gives you the option to download a high quality PDF to allow you to view your campaign offline and to share your campaign with your colleagues before purchasing.

Address Block Formatting

The final new feature we have recently added is the ability to change the format of the addresss block. Previously the area containing the name and address of each individual recipient was locked so that you could not change the font style, size, or colour. This limitation has now been removed!
Address Block Formatting
You can now choose from a range of fonts, you can change the font size, and you can even choose a different colour for the names and address to be printed in.

We think you will agree that these new features are really useful and will help you when creating your direct mail campaigns in Hello Market. To get started just click the button below!

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