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Get Your Company Noticed This Christmas

Get Your Company Noticed This Christmas

Richard Knaggs • 24 November 2016

Over the last few years a trend has emerged where companies don't bother sending Christmas cards to their customers, they just send an eCard instead. The main reason for this? Because it is easy, cheap, and less time-consuming. eCards though are a perfect example of a false economy.

The purpose of sending a Christmas message to your customers is to thank them for their business, to remind them that you provide a quality service, and to keep your company at the forefront of their mind going into the New Year. Does an e-card do this? No. Is there a better way? Absolutely.

When your customer receives an eCard what do they do with it? Do they think "That's nice, that supplier must really value my custom"? Somehow I doubt it. Do they print it out in full colour and stick it to the wall so everyone in the office can see it? Of course not. What do they do instead? I am willing to bet that the vast majority of customers briefly scan through it and hit the delete button without giving it any further thought.

So what is the alternative? How can you create a really good and lasting impression without spending a large amount of time and a large amount of money?

Christmas card

With Hello Market you can create high quality Christmas cards each of which is personalised to your client. By uploading a spreadsheet containing your client's details you can for example put their name on the front, inside you can thank them for the specific type of work they have placed with you and print the signature of their account manager.

Once you have created your card and uploaded your data you can see a 3D preview of exactly how you card will look. After you have purchased your cards you can relax - we will print and mail the cards for you on the date you specify.

Christmas card

So rather than receiving a generic email which they will delete in seconds your clients will receive a quality Christmas card uniquely personalised to them which is far more engaging and lets them know that you really do value their custom.

Remember when the office at Christmas was decorated with the cards you received from your clients? Remember when Christmas cards were commented on and passed around colleagues? It doesn't happen so much now does it? You can change that and stand out from the crowd - with your logo printed on a high quality Christmas card you can get your company noticed this Christmas.



While our offer still lasts new customers can send up to 10 cards to their clients completely free using code TRIAL10. Not only that but if new customers want to send more than 10 cards they can get a 40% discount using code OFFER40! See our home page for details.

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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