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We’ve Had a Makeover!

We’ve Had a Makeover!

Edd Bennett • 11 October 2016

Here at Hello Market we’re always looking to improve the services that we offer and just recently our development team have been hard at work on updating the design & content of the Hello Market website plus we’ve been adding some new features which make Hello Market an even more comprehensive mailing solution!

The Website

The main pages of the site have gone through a complete re-design, we’ve simplified page layouts, added new page content, improved the nav bar (which makes navigation much easier), added a brilliant product video to show off what Hello Market can produce and given the overall theme an update which we’re sure you’ll agree looks great! Our prices page has also had an update to the pricing calculator to make it easier for users to quickly get a mailing cost.

One of the new pages is called the Business Uses page, which details some of the most common applications for Hello Market. Most users know what they want from Hello Market but sometimes they don’t realise what Hello Market is capable of, this page helps to fill that gap as our service is far more flexible than people may realise – it’s not just a direct mail advertising tool. Basically any small to medium volume mailing can be sent through Hello Market, even communication such as newsletters, customer birthday cards & thank you notes are perfect applications and our all inclusive pricing makes them very cost effective.

We mentioned a new video earlier in this article which now sits proudly on our homepage under the first panel as you scroll down. If you’re wondering what our mailings look like, watch the video, it showcases our popular format range and how the personalised elements of a mailing switch for every recipient, we think it’s great!

The Features

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening! Our development team have added some of the most asked for features on the latest update of Hello Market. Firstly we’ve introduced a ‘Live Chat’ tool, which gives all of our users instant access to expert technical support and direct mail advice. Many of our users have already been utilising this feature so we’re pleased to see it’s been a great success.

Next there’s the user forum which is the best place to share tips, ask questions and generally learn more about Hello Market and mailing solutions on the whole.

Finally we’ve implemented batch delivery which allows users to add non-personalised copies of their mailing campaign to an order and have them delivered to a single address. So, if you’ve ever done a mailing and needed an extra 100 copies to hand out an event or meeting, batch delivery is your friend!

To see the new site click here, don’t forget that new users can send up to 10 items for free with code TRIAL10 and we’re also offering 40% off your first live mailing campaign with code OFFER40.

The Hello Market Team

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
Copyright ©2022 Hello Market. All rights reserved.

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