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Levelling the Playing Field

Levelling the Playing Field

Richard Knaggs • 08 August 2016

In a recent post on the Direct Marketing Association's website I talked about how small businesses (and indeed any business which only wants to send a small number of mailings) can now compete with the big boys due to the cost savings which tools such as Hello Market can bring.

The resurgence of direct mail is down to the fact that it results in a far greater return on investment than all digital channels combined. Customers and potential customers cannot simply click the delete button when a mailshot lands on their doormat and if the mailing grabs their attention when they pick it up (which it should do if a striking image is used and the creative is personalised) then your message will be successfully conveyed to them.

In the past though the problem for small businesses and for low volume mailings is that the fixed costs (such as image purchase costs, setup fees, minimum orders, creative fees, data costs, and proofing charges) often proved to be far greater than the cost of the actual mailing making it economically unviable to produce low volume mailings.

Hello Market has solved this problem and opened up the market for all types of business no matter how small. There are no setup fees, no subscription fees, no image costs, no data costs, no proofing costs, no creative or design fees, no minimum order fees. You simply pay for the items you want to print and mail.

Hello Market has brought the power of high quality, personalised direct mail to all businesses whether large of small.

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