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Prepay Is Here!

Prepay Is Here!

Richard Knaggs • 06 May 2016

We are pleased to announce the introduction a new payment method for Hello Market - Prepay. For a large number of people the ability to pay for their direct mail campaigns with either a credit card or a PayPal account is the perfect solution. However for some businesses this may not be a particularly convenient payment method.

Listening to the concerns and problems that your customers have is always vital and it became clear to us that many companies do not have PayPal accounts or credit cards that employees can readily access. If such facilities are available then use of them often must be pre-approved by senior management. This goes against one of the major advantages of using Hello Market - the ability to create dynamic direct mail campaigns fast.

Our new Prepay facilities overcome this problem. Registered users can now preload their account with a larger one-off payment, these funds can then be used to pay for the individual direct mail campaigns you create. No more delays while your finance department or MD signs off the payments for each campaign, or delays while finding someone who has a credit card!

So how do you sign up for a Prepay account? Simple. Sign in to your Hello Market account, under Campaign Tools click on User Account, and at the bottom right of the page there is a blue button letting you sign up for a Prepay account.

We really hope you find this facility useful and if you have any more feedback or feature requests please get in touch by emailing us at contact@hellomarket.co.uk or calling on 01535 683443.

Kind regards, the Hello Market team.

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