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Find Your Perfect Audience

Find Your Perfect Audience

Richard Knaggs • 05 May 2016

It doesn't matter how fantastic and attention grabbing your advertising is if the wrong people are seeing it. Scatter gun approaches such as leaflets put through doors or billboard advertising may reach a lot of people, but they're probably not the right people.

Perhaps you have a product or service that can be used by anyone, but in all likelihood there's probably a certain type of person from a certain area that is more likely to use what your company has to offer.

So how do you target people more effectively?

Hello Market gives you everything you need to design, schedule, and send out engaging Dynamic Direct Mail campaigns whenever you want to whoever you want - all online. When you use Hello Market you have access to a database of 40 million consumer names and addresses. Supplied by Equifax this database is screened against the Equifax disConnect file and the Mailing Preference Service, providing you with the best quality leads at no extra cost

Equifax Mailing Preference Service

Do you want to find out how many UK consumers you can target using Hello Market? We have created a free-to-use online tool to let you do exactly that.

Data count tool

Think about the appropriate age group to promote your business to; what income must someone have to be able to afford what you're offering? What parts of the country are you able to supply? Is what you are offering extremely localised?

Just click the button below to go to our data counting tool and in seconds you will be able to get a count of how many UK consumers you can use in your Hello Market campaign:

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