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3 Ways To Improve Communications In The Property Business

3 Ways To Improve Communications In The Property Business

Tony Kemp • 04 May 2016

Pack a punch by personalising property campaigns just like many estate agents who are learning the value of direct mail marketing in finding buyers and rentals. For those new to this kind of communications or for seasoned marketeers we have three key tips for effective campaigns for estate agents:

1. Neighbourly nudge

Use personalised postcards to tell everyone nearby about a recent sale – it’s bound to make the neighbours wonder how much their property might be worth, and those considering going on the market will be encouraged that homes are selling locally.

2. Personalise property shots

Most estate agents will have a note of the sort of properties potential buyers might consider. Tailor a mailshot to the recipient and only show them what you know they will like to see. Why not use what you know to send an individualised mini brochure to a potential buyer within two weeks of their enquiry listing around six properties which fit their criteria? This is a valuable exercise in building relationships and proving that you are listening and working hard on a potential buyer’s behalf.

3. A warm welcome

Do think about thank you and welcome to your new home cards. This kind of feelgood communication makes a customer more likely to use the estate agent again in the future. And a card on the doormat within a few days of moving in is a powerful incentive for building trust and loyalty.


Research shows that direct mail is a highly effective marketing tool. When data insights are used thoughtfully with the right platform, bespoke, dynamic mailshots can be highly successful. For example, why shouldn’t estate agents tailor a personalised mailing to an individual based on the information they have about the sort of property they’re looking for? Putting the appropriate information in front of the right person is easy and effective.

Hello Market allows businesses of all sizes to create tailored, personalised, dynamic communications campaigns. Hello Market is free to use, it is all done online, and users only pay for what they print and mail. There are no set up costs and no minimum run charges, so it’s ideal for every organisation to use for some or all of its communications requirements.

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