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Taking The Pain Out Of Marketing For Estate Agents

Taking The Pain Out Of Marketing For Estate Agents

Edd Bennett • 23 February 2016

Country Holmes - an independent estate agency based in Marple Bridge near Stockport - has seen new sales appointments rocket since using Hello Market to target new business. They quickly and easily created a sophisticated direct mail campaign for an engaging and cost effective way to communicate with potential customers in order to secure new business leads.

The Pain

Managing director Mike Lambe said: “We needed a way to contact homeowners in our remit that might be interested in selling their property. We wanted to target areas where we’d made a successful sale recently, believing that if a homeowner knows that houses are selling for a good price in their area then they are much more likely to be interested in selling their own.

We tried other software but Hello Market turned out to be by far the superior product. Hello Market offered a more comprehensive solution where the mail pieces could be more personalised with attention grabbing headlines, have tailored images whereby the picture changes to show a local property sale, and were of a much better quality.

The Solution

Mike wanted the flexibility to send out anything from just a handful of highly targeted postcards to a larger mailshot involving several neighbourhoods and hundreds of records with pictures of different houses. His business prides itself on its in depth of knowledge of its local area and friendly but professional approach to selling or letting property.

He said: “We loved how bespoke we could make our mailings. Added to this the support and assistance we received from the Hello Market staff was exceptional. And being able to do what we wanted without a minimum order or set up fee was ideal for our on-demand requirements.

Images and data from several areas were combined into one mail out. Country Holmes had never done this before but Mike knew that it was possible using Hello Market to save time and money.

The Result

Each postcard had a different image depending on the location of the recipient and the house that Country Holmes had sold in that area. This saved having to send lots of separate campaigns and proved cost effective - especially as Hello Market offers volume savings.

Said Mike: “Every home owner was shown a photograph of a nearby home that we had sold to increase empathy. This was a great bonus in securing more new sales appointments for us.

Mike recommended any estate agent looking to boost business with direct mail to use Hello Market:

I needed a way to effectively communicate and engage with potential home sellers at street level. Hello Market allows me to create the perfect message and mail it directly to potential sellers. I can send all manner of formats and I have continually seen an uptake in leads since using the service.

Do you want to get results like Mike?

Well you can - we’re offering 40% off your first direct mail campaign! Just click the button below to find out more and get started:

You can find Country Holmes' website at www.countryholmes.co.uk.

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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