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10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 1)

10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 1)

Richard Knaggs • 12 January 2016

In this series of three blog posts we discuss a range of walkthrough videos which we have made to help you with your marketing campaign creation using Hello Market. In Part 1 of this series we discuss the videos relating to campaign design.

Using The Creative Editor

In this video we explore some of the features of the Creative Editor - how to move and resize content, how to use layering, how to copy content, how to use pre-designed page layouts, and how bleed should be taken into consideration when designing your mailing.

Adding Tables To Your Creative

The Table Editor is a really powerful feature of Hello Market which allows you to easily insert tables into your direct mail design and allows you to format these tables to your liking. By using the Table Editor you will not need to manipulate and align multiple text boxes - the Table Editor does it all for you making it even simpler to create Dynamic Direct Mail.

Using QR Codes In Your Creative

Certain Page Layouts allow you to have a customisable QR Code in your mailpiece which the recipients of your mailing can scan with their mobile phones to visit your website, view an online video, or read a message. This video explains how to use these QR Codes in your mailing.

About Images And The Image Hub

In this tutorial we look at how to use images in Hello Market - how to search for images, how to mark images as favourites, uploading and editing images, and how to use dynamic images which change depending on values in your data. By using dynamic images (along with dynamic text) you can supercharge your mailings, making each mailpiece relevant to the individual recipient and hence providing a boost to your response rate.

Personalising Your Campaign With Variables From Your Data

One of the best features of Hello Market is that it allows you to personalise your direct mail campaigns - each recipient can receive a unique communication which is relevant to them. This tutorial shows you how to insert data fields into your creative, for example how to add the recipient's forename into a headline. It also explains how to show a preview of your creative containing your live data.

Advanced Personalisation Techniques

Hello Market is an amazingly powerful tool which allows you to create highly personalised mailings which can be unique to each recipient. This video explores advanced personalisation techniques. As an example a holiday brochure can be created where the text and the images change depending on what you know about each of your customers.

You can discover more ways to improve your marketing campaign creation by reading Part 2 and Part 3 of this series. If however you want to get on with applying what you have learnt from these videos click here to get started!

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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