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10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 3)

10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 3)

Richard Knaggs • 14 January 2016

In case you missed them the first two parts of this series of blog posts can be found by clicking Part 1 and Part 2. In Part 1 we talked about the various videos which show you how to design your Dynamic Direct Mail campaign using Hello Market. In Part 2 we discussed the data you use in your campaign which contains the details of each recipient. In this post we will be talking about checking and purchasing your campaign as well as how to manage and organise your campaigns.

Campaign Summary Page and Purchasing Your Campaign

This tutorial explains how, among other things, you can check that your campaign is exactly how you want it. Hello Market's 3D proofing tools and PDF download option give you the reassurance that you need before making a purchase. The video then goes on to explain how to add your direct mail campaign to your basket and how to purchase it.

Campaign Management

The Campaign Manager allows you to access and organise your campaigns quickly and effectively. Using this tool it is simple to find the campaign you are looking for by using our tagging system. You can then edit, copy, delete or archive your campaigns.

We hope you have found this series of videos useful. Click here to start creating your Dynamic Direct Mail campaign!

Q. Hang on a minute! Isn't this blog called "10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation"? Why are there 11 videos here?

A. Well spotted however "10 Ways..." sounds better than "11 Ways..." - think of it as a bonus track!

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