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10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 2)

10 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Campaign Creation (Part 2)

Richard Knaggs • 13 January 2016

In Part 1 of this series we talked about the various videos which show you how to design your Dynamic Direct Mail campaign using Hello Market. In this post we are discussing the data you use in your campaign which contains the details of each recipient.

Consumer Data Selection

In this tutorial we show you how to select data for use in your direct mail campaign from Hello Market's consumer database. You can select by gender, age, income, and geographic location. This top quality database of 40m UK consumers is supplied by Equifax and is cleaned every month against known deceased records, people who have moved house, and people who are registered on the Mailing Preference Service. Even better - you can use this data at NO EXTRA COST!

The User Data Manager

As you create more and more campaigns you will obviously have more and more data files. This tutorial describes the User Data Manager and how you can use it not only to upload your data files or manually input data but also how to manage and search your data files.

The Campaign Data Manager

This tutorial explores the different ways in which you can use data in Hello Market. It explains how to add data to your campaign whether that be a data file you want to upload (or have previously uploaded) or data from Hello Market's consumer database. It also explains how you can upload data to use as a stop file to prevent certain people from receiving your mailing.

You can discover even more ways to improve your marketing campaign creation by reading Part 3 of this series. If however you just want to get on with creating your Dynamic Direct Mail campaign click here to get started!

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