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Constantly Improving

Constantly Improving

Edd Bennett • 04 December 2015

As part of our ethos to continually develop and improve our services, the Hello Market platform has just been given some small (but very useful) improvements, read on to find out more:

The User Page Layout Library

Have you ever designed a full page and wanted to re-use just that page in another campaign? That’s what the Page Layout Library is all about! Every page that you design will be automatically added into your page layout library. You can then easily re-use a layout on future campaigns of the same format, saving you the time consuming task of having to re-create from scratch.

Copy to Another Page

Branding, colours, fonts, etc usually need to stay consistent throughout your mailing to make it look professional and well designed. The element copy tool now makes it far easier to do this. Any single element, or all elements, can now be copied from one page to another which makes setting up and standardising your campaign design faster and easier.

Copy any element to another page

The Tip Box

Our team has a vast knowledge of little hints and tips that we want to share, so we’ve added a ‘Tips’ box which will pop up on the screen and display helpful bits of information to guide you through the campaign producing process. The tips are section specific, which means they will always be relevant to whatever you are working on.

Context sensitive tips

The Smart Grid

Getting everything aligned properly can be sometimes be a little difficult when designing your campaign, so we’ve implemented a really useful feature called the Smart Grid to help. The Smart Grid automatically engages when a user moves elements round their creative, guidelines appear to help a user align elements with each other and also to the centre of the page. The Smart Grid is really useful for getting a page layout set up quickly and accurately, plus it can easily be turned off when not needed.

Have you got any suggestions or comments about how Hello Market works? Let us know here.

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