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Company Christmas Cards - Make A Lasting Impression

Company Christmas Cards - Make A Lasting Impression

Richard Knaggs • 09 November 2015

Usually technological advances are exactly that - advances that make things better. On some occasions though, even though the technology may be amazing, the end result just isn't as good as what preceded it. In my previous post I mentioned that "every customer appreciates receiving a Christmas card in the post". The key phrase here is "in the post".

Christmas Card with Baubels

Whenever I receive a company Christmas card in the post I obviously take the time to open it and read it to see who has made the effort and to see who appreciates the services we provide. I then pin the card up in the office for everyone else to see and to add to the festive feel. In contrast if I receive a Christmas e-card I sometimes think "well they can't be bothered doing it properly", I then delete it and forget about it. After all, what is the point of keeping the email? The physical card however, often with the sender's company logo printed on the front, is on display for potentially weeks.

Christmas Card

Hello Market enables you to take advantage of modern technology to communicate with your customers quickly and cost effectively by sending them traditional Christmas cards which have a far more positive effect than e-cards. Not only that but the cards you create can be unique to each customer and reinforce the message that you intend to convey - that you really do value their custom.

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