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Online Direct Mail – Flying the Flag

Online Direct Mail – Flying the Flag

Richard Knaggs • 11 June 2015

A recent article on the Print Business website (www.printbusiness.co.uk/news/British-print-misses-out-on-online-boom/99996/) bemoans that fact that the print industry in Britain has lost out (mostly to Germany) when it comes to online print. While it is hard to disagree with the facts stated in the article the discussion does seem to be limited to “web to print”, i.e. mass produced leaflets, brochures, flyers and business cards.

Although there may be few large British owned web to print companies the industry is well established and every company knows that you can purchase such printed materials online. However every company also knows that marketing materials which are personalised and targeted give a much higher ROI.

Where Hello Market is leading the way is offering companies not online print but online direct mail. Printing thousands of copies of a single piece of artwork is relatively simple, what we do is allow users to create thousands of pieces of artwork which we then print and mail – each item is unique. The technological challenges required to allow users to create personalised direct mail online are immense and a huge amount of hard work and investment has been put in to create Hello Market.

An equally large challenge is to educate the market and inform people that it is even possible to create high quality direct mail online. At the moment it is generally accepted that creating a direct mail campaign is often time-consuming, sometimes complex, and relatively expensive (although the ROI still makes direct mail one of the most cost effective marketing channels). Most companies don’t have the resources and expertise to create direct mail campaigns themselves and so need to pay external suppliers for services such as creative, data lists, data processing, print, and mailing.

Hello Market is challenging this preconception by allowing users to create fully personalised direct mail online. With 4 million images available as well as 40 million consumer name and addresses Hello Market contains everything needed to create professional, personalised, and targeted direct mail campaigns. We can even mail campaigns the very next working day!

We are immensely proud of Hello Market and, as a British company based in West Yorkshire, are pleased to be flying the flag for online direct mail!

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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