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How does direct mail compare to email marketing?

How does direct mail compare to email marketing?

Richard Knaggs • 07 May 2015

I recently came across an interesting article - https://www.businessbanter.com/business-marketing/how-does-direct-mail-compare-to-email-marketing - which compared the pros and cons of direct mail marketing and email marketing. As the article correctly concludes a combination of marketing strategies is likely to produce the best return on investment however since this article was written (roughly three years ago from looking at the dates of the comments) Hello Market has been been released and has changed the playing field.


Let's look at the article's discussion of email marketing first. Email is indeed less expensive "per hit" than direct mail and this will always be the case however there are numerous studies (take a look at Royal Mail's recent report here for example) which all conclude that the ROI for direct mail is far higher than for other marketing mediums. The article states that "your expenses will come from designing your email creative, from finding valid email addresses to target. When that’s done you’ll need to choose a company who specialise in broadcasting your email creative". With Hello Market there are no expenses for designing your creative and you can either upload your own data or use our top quality database of 40m UK consumers for free. We then print and mail your campaign for you meaning that you don't need to deal with and coordinate creative agencies, marketing agencies and mailing houses - we do it all for you.

The second stated advantage of email marketing is speed however Hello Market has blown this argument out of the water. You can create a direct mail campaign in minutes and if your campaign has less than 100 records it can be mailed the next working day, for larger campaigns we only need 3 working days. The days of waiting for artwork to do the rounds and get approved are gone, data can be selected in seconds, and your campaign can be purchased and mailed faster than ever previously possible.

email marketing

The third advantage of email marketing according to the article is that emails give the recipient the opportunity for immediate action by hitting reply or by clicking on a link. This though is no longer an advantage for email marketing, with the widespread ownership of smartphones all a user needs to do is scan a QR code and they will be taken to the same webpage contained in the aforementioned email. Hello Market allows users to embed QR codes in their creative which will take users to a webpage of your choice.

Moving on to the article's discussion of direct mail, it is undisputed that the return on investment for direct mail is greater because of many factors - people prefer to hold something tangible, it is more likely to be read, it is more likely to be shared, it is more likely to be kept, it can be more detailed and is far far more likely to be actually delivered. The article states however that direct mail "can be expensive if you don’t target the right audience properly, and use a great mailing house that will save you time and money". Again Hello Market has countered this argument by offering free creative, free data, and discounted postage rates. As for using a "great mailing house" Hello Market has been developed by DMP who have decades of experience in the print and direct mail industry and are the trusted mailing house of many major companies.

mailing list

Finally the article says that direct mail "requires more time, which means that responses won’t be immediate". As mentioned above Hello Market allows direct mail campaigns to be created and mailed the next working day. While response may not be immediate even email campaigns require planning, not just to create the campaign but to prepare for dealing with responses. Hello Market has minimised the time required to plan, create and deliver a direct mail campaign resulting in less costs for your business and quicker responses from the recipients.

Much has changed in the last three years within the direct marketing industry, not least the release of Hello Market, and the opportunities to interact with clients and potential clients has never been greater and have never been more cost effective.

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