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Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal

Richard Knaggs • 23 January 2015

It is an unfortunate fact of life that terrible events can happen in this world which can leave thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of victims desperate for help. It is at times like these that charities (which work hard all year round to raise funds and awareness of issues) have to go into overdrive and set up an emergency appeal so that help can be given as soon as possible.

So how can charities rapidly get their message out? TV ads must take many days if not weeks to produce and broadcast. Radio ads may take a shorter amount of time but I can't imagine that they can be done particularly quickly. The other problem with these channels is that there is no guarantee that the charity's best donors are even watching or listening to those ads.

I guess this is why charities are big users of direct mail - they can target their own donors with relevant information in a cost effective way. However when disaster strikes how soon can a traditional direct mail campaign be created? Artwork needs to be designed, copy needs to be written, print runs need to be booked, data needs to be processed, proofs need to be approved - all this before a single pack gets mailed. So how long does this take? Days? Weeks? Yes an monochrome A4 letter may be quick and cheap but is it the most effective way to get much needed donations from a charity's top donors? Surely in this day and age there is a better way?

This is where Hello Market can help make a huge difference. You can easily create a campaign which can be in the post the very next day which means donations can be coming in the day after that. A simple postcard can take minutes to create, a multi-page brochure for the most generous donors can be completed within an hour or two. You can even create a webpage for recipients to view more information, watch a video, or for them to request more details. All of this can be proofed, approved, and paid for online.

By using Hello Market to create an emergency campaign established donors and potential donors can be given top quality, cost effective, personalised, high impact information far quicker than has previously been possible resulting in help being given to victims far quicker than has previously been possible.

Let's hope that such events and few and far between but when they do happen time is of the essence and Hello Market can help.

P.S. Our standard timescales are to get campaigns into the post the next working day for campaigns of less than 100 records or for three working days for campaigns of 100 records and over. However we all appreciate how urgent these appeals are so please give us a call and we can see if we can get your mailing out sooner. If you purchase your campaign early enough in the day we may even be able to get it in the post the same day.

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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