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Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way

Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way

Richard Knaggs • 24 April 2015

At Hello Market we are always encouraging companies to use direct mail, to personalise that direct mail, to use creative with impact, to target it effectively, and to get it to the recipient when they are going to be most responsive. If these boxes are all ticked then the return on investment is likely to be way ahead of all other marketing channels.

The fact is that Hello Market and our parent company – DMP – need to market ourselves just like any other company. New business doesn’t just knock on the door out of the blue. So what is the best way to get information to potential clients and to tick all those boxes? By using Hello Market of course!

sales appointment cover

We use Hello Market to send a variety of mailings but one of the most effective is when our sales team send a simple “thank you” to the people they have just met with. Getting appointments with potential clients is never easy (though our partners at www.cultivationmarketing.co.uk do a great job for us) so it is imperative that we make the most of these sales opportunities. Hello Market allows us to get a mailer in the post the very next day to say “thanks for meeting with us”. These mailers are on quality stock, are personalised to the people we have just had a meeting with, and land on their desk while we are still fresh in their memory. Needless to say the recipients cannot fail to be impressed and so the cost of such mailers is negligible compared to the resulting uplift in the conversion rate.

sales appointment details

Hello Market makes it simple to send this type (or any other type) of mailing at amazingly cost-effective prices. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

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