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Hello Market has evolved

Hello Market has evolved

Dale Brett • 28 September 2015

For the past 6 months The Hello Market Team has been carefully listening to customers, intelligently considering market shifts and intuitively projecting consumer demands. The newest release of Hello Market combines the pioneering thinking that first engineered the product with a receptive and adaptive attitude towards customers and the ever changing direct marketing industry. The result is a huge improvement from the first few versions of Hello Market and that makes it even easier for users to create stunning Dynamic Direct Mail campaigns all from their laptop where all the tools are free to use until they are ready to purchase.

Wait, what’s Dynamic Direct Mail?

Put simply it’s Direct Mail for the Digital Age. It’s Direct Mail where every single mail item in a campaign can be made dynamic by personalising everything from names in headlines, specific messages, offers & font sizes, right through to relevant imagery and correct tone of voice. This is achieved using information held in customer data and Hello Market’s intelligent in-flight data switching. It’s all done online and allows users to specifically target every single one of their customers or recipients with the right message before mailing out.

What's Dynamic Direct Mail

Why is this good?

Direct Mail communications perform better when the content is specifically personalised to the recipient. This has been proven time and time again through research conducted by reputable bodies such as The Royal Mail and The DMA. It is how every direct mail user should be sending their direct mail as it improves response rates, increases ROI, helps build empathy and brand loyalty and can considerably reduce costs as there is a big reduction in wastage associated with mass mailings.

The New Website

The New Website

So, onto the upgrades and we start with the website. The new version is a much cleaner & sleeker offering that is easier to navigate and helps to separate the Hello Market tools from the information pages meaning current users can get straight into producing campaigns with a more user friendly production process, while new visitors will be able to learn all about Hello Market. There’s dedicated support and information pages along with the new navigation bar to help users access the right content quickly.

The Template Selector

The Template Selector

Hello Market’s template options have been given a major overhaul in the new release. Users now have two options once they have picked a mailing format. They can either start from scratch with a completely blank canvas, or alternatively use one of the generic pre-designed templates. However, the pre-designed templates have an added benefit, users can also choose from a range of page layouts to help set up the right layout before getting into the nitty gritty aspects of their creative.

The Creative Editor

The Creative Editor

The Hello Market Team recognised the increasing need for more creative freedom and flexibility when designing mailings - that’s why the Creative Editor has now been drastically improved. Users can now resize, drag & drop, destroy, create and layer any element of their design, plus with image uploading existing artwork can be integrated into Hello Market and dynamic content layered over the top for even more design flexibility. This level of freedom has opened up the possibilities of design and once again puts Hello Market head and shoulders above its competitors.

The Management System

The Management System

The way in which users now manage the various elements of a campaign has been overhauled. Now everything has been integrated with an intelligent tagging system so that users can search and access anything based on tags they assign to all campaign elements. By using the tagging system correctly users can categorise everything making it much easier to manage and find specific elements for multiple use. The management systems can be accessed from within the Hello Market tool using the campaigns tools drop down.

Unrivalled Dynamic Personalisation Tools

As we know Dynamic Direct Mail is the way forward for mailing communications. To get this right Hello Market now offers a range of personalisation tools designed to get the most out of enriched data. Not only can a user pull in simple details such as names, hobbies, product interests, etc they can now switch whole sections of text, change font sizes and vary relevant images all to make sure that the recipient is receiving exactly the right message or offer. Whatever specific information a user holds about their customer, Hello Market can help transfer that information into a powerful communication.

The Creative Editor

The Hello Market Help Centre

There have been a lot of changes made to Hello Market with the new release, so to support users as fully as possible there is now an intelligent help & tutorial centre which is home to a wide range of guides and videos. This can be accessed once a user starts to create a campaign. The centre is searchable but will automatically display relevant help topics and tutorial videos depending on what the user is currently doing in their campaign, which helps them resolve any issue faster.

The Miscellaneous

There has also been a whole host of other changes to Hello Market such as:

  • The improvements to online proofing where a user can now view the recipient record from their data next to the live version of the mail piece - plus there’s now the option to download a water-marked PDF proof of a campaign.
  • The creative editor also now allows the user to add in a table with the brand new table designer which is a great little feature and allows for quick and easy table creation within a design.
  • There is now a new account pay option for users where they can opt to pay lump sums via conventional invoicing methods rather than pay by credit card each time they order.
  • Hello Market has also benefitted from an overhaul of the backend which has helped to make it more robust and reliable while providing a seamless user experience.

Now that you know all about the exciting changes that have been made why not try them out?

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Hello Market® is a registered trademark of DM Print Limited, a company registered in England No. 382357.
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