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Three things you might not know you can do with Hello Market.

Three things you might not know you can do with Hello Market.

Dale Brett • 17 June 2014

Hello Market allows you to create your own direct marketing campaign for your company, product or service from the comfort of your office chair, living room, or even 4G/wi-fi connected beach! From your imagination to your customers' door mats in a few days.

Here are a few things that you might not have thought about that could take your mailing campaigns to the next level.

1) Insert data fields anywhere

Hello Market is data driven; you create a fantastic creative, upload your data file of names and addresses and we'll send it to the people on your address list.

That's great; though did you know that you're not limited to name and address? You can use any field in your data, and did you know you can put that field anywhere within any editable text box?

Charities can thank their supporters for their generous donations of £12.63!

Car salesman can remind their customers that the MOT is due on their Ford Mondeo on 14th August.

Restaurants can send special offers to loyal customers if they purchase their favourite meal, what was it? Extra Fiery Chicken Wings??? Ok, it takes all sorts!

If you've collected some data, put it to good use with Hello Market!

2) Take text styling to the next level

Some online mail providers, such as personalised card companies, will let you change the font of your text, or the size of your text or the colour, but they seem to apply it to the whole text...

Hello Market lets you apply text formatting to any part of your text. Do you want the leading letter to be large and brightly coloured? Do it. Do you want a shadow on the last full stop for that arty effect? No problem!

Are you using data driven personalisation and want your customer's last charity donation bolded italicised and bright pink? Go for it.

Hello Market's fully featured text editing gives your mailing the wow factor.

3) Quick Response Codes

QR codes are everywhere these days: movie posters, crisp packets, bus stops, eggs; did you know that Hello Market lets you put a QR code on your mailing campaign so you can point people to your online marketing campaigns?

Do you have a fabulous website with online shopping capabilities? Got a viral video that needs some attention? A fabulous landing page? Enter your URL into the Hello Market QR control and join up your marketing strategy.

If you don't have an online presence then get one for free with a Hello Market Web Page! Use our simple template designs to create your page and that's it, we'll add the QR Code to your mailing and send people to your page when they scan it.

You can use our web pages to collect information from your recipients that you could use in a follow up mailing campaign; just pop back to Hello Market, click on My Purchased Campaigns and if any data has been captured by your customers you can download it for free.

It's all yours; no-one else can have it, not even us!

All it takes is an idea

These are just a few of the great things you can do with Hello Market and there's loads more to discover; start building your dynamic direct mail campaign today.

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